My name is Ron Cowart. I am the creator, article-writer, webmaster and chief bottle-washer behind the scenes, here at So, who is Ron Cowart?

Ron CowartIn the Big Picture, if you will, I'm nobody in particular. There are certainly more recognizable names around and, truth be known, that's fine with me, as those who know me, know that I avoid the publicity, spotlight, limelight, whatever you call it, like I would the plaque. It's just not my cup of tea. There is a downside to that, for as a published author, I've never consented to a public book signing. I much prefer working behind the scenes, and my satisfaction is derived from those who take the time and effort to say they enjoy whichever part of my creativity they have in hand at the time.

Anyway, I am a retired police officer who, after thirty-three years of doing a job I loved, finally decided I'd had enough. At this point, you may be wondering how being a cop for over three decades qualifies one to run something like DiversifiedIdeas. Frankly, I would wonder the same thing. Therefore, I'll say this.

One doesn't go into law enforcement with any expectation of getting rich. Of course, one could start the caterwauling about dirty cops, etc. but the truth of the matter is, the vast majority of police officers are honest and not on the take. I know good and well I wasn't, which ultimately led me to owning and operating a successful carpet cleaning business, while still working full-time, going to courts, etc. Even now, in retirement, my wife and I started a unique plaque making business. We cut our very first plaque on Decemeber 1, 2016 and since that time, have created almost two thousand. You can see our website for the business here....

I said all of that to say this. I've owned and operated a number of businesses in my sixty plus years and have enjoyed the benefits, not to mention the trials, of doing so. I want you to know that is my return, if you will, into one business that I enjoyed and, if I may say so, was pretty good at developing and managing. That business was/is software (all kinds - ebooks, applications, scripts, etc.) personal use, but mainly software with resale and master resale rights.

You see, I developed a site ( back in 2002, before PLR (Private Label Rights), much less White Label was even coined. I set up as a membership site, whereas members could join and download everything I introduced to the site. I even contracted with a software developer who, at the time, was developing some very nice, advanced software and he would brand the software, to meet the needs of my members. I was among the fist, if not the first to offer this service and it served me well. began life in 2002 with 56 downloadable products. Due to personal reasons, I sold the site, to one of my members, towards the end of 2004. There was close to 300 products that went with it.

Aside from the fact that I've written a couple of books (see links below), that's about it for me. My friends consider me a workaholic. It's just that I can't sit still and do absolutely nothing for extended periods of time (15 - 20 minutes). If that's being a workaholic, well, okay.

Behind the Badge Profiting in Precious Metals

If you have read this far, well, thank you. I hope that I've not bored you to tears. Just know that I am constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to generate additional income, online and I will happily share what I learn with you. At this point, I'd will ask you to consider subscribing to my newsletter (subscription form is in the right-hand column). I promise you, your name and information is not for sale or rent. And I won't abuse the privlege of being able to send you my newsletters either; meaning that on average, I send out two a month. Sometimes, I'll throw a third one in there but only if I run across something I feel needs to be shared right then.

See you inside!